Dave Krew, aka 'The Captain'

(Keyboards, horn)

His last name may be Krew, but he's the Captain, guiding the ship into the horizon upon waves of harmonic blends and soothing undertones.

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Steve Wieclaw, aka 'The Player'

(Lead vocals, guitar, horn, percussion)

Your charismatic tour guide for alluring vocals, passionate ambience and festive bliss.

Mark Malysa, aka 'The Sovereign'


Don't let his calm cool nature fool you.  He lays down the law with his commanding pulse and powerful grooves.



About the Band


The Snazzy Cats first got together in 2010 as 'The Messengers' to represent Progressive Insurance in the international Battle of the Corporate Bands sponsored by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.  We won 2nd place in 2011 and have been playing live events ever since.  Our specialty is groove-oriented rock from bands like Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, and Stevie Wonder.  Overall we play a wide variety of music including dance, funk, soul, and blues for any occasion. 

Mitch Gluhank, aka 'The Artist'

(Guitar, vocals)

He paints a glorious picture with his soulful rhythms and uplifting solos.

Tim Sprow, aka 'The Pacer'


The ultimate timekeeper, his thrilling beats and percussive persuasion keep the gears in motion.